Sirmione Garda Lake Italy

Places of great tourist attraction, where the major Roman ruins and medieval period make it a significant center of cultural tourism.

Sirmione (Sirmiù in local dialect) is a wonderful town full of history that stands on a thin strip of land in the bottom of Lake Garda in the province of Brescia.

Sirmione’s climate is Mediterranean, its mild allows the cultivation of vegetables and fruits that are masterfully used in local cuisine and the oil produced in the area is very valuable.

The earliest traces of human habitation dating back to Neolithic times, and during the Roman period has become a major urban center. From the fifth century d.C. evolves into a fortified area for the control of trade between Verona and Brescia. During the late Middle Ages, under the rule of Verona, was a major bulwark Scaliger, thanks to its strategic position and the difendibilità not difficult.

In this period arose the Scaliger Castle, built between 1277 and 1278 in the most narrow of the peninsula, close to the enlargement of the promontory.

Sirmione in 1273 came under the dominion of Verona, while in 1405 it passed under the dominion of the republic of Venice.

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