Catullo Caves Sirmione Lake Garda Italy

The Caves occupy an area of about two acres and are considered the largest archaeological zone of northern Italy.

The peninsula of Sirmione, just like all the coast of Lake Garda, was the vacation spot of important families, as revealed by the discovery of three houses called “Grotte di Catullo”.

The width of the place and the narrowness of the remains not easily interpretable, however, make it cumbersome to inexperienced tourists a visit that will enable a comprehensive orientation.

The tourist who expects ruins resembling those of Pompeii will probably remain dissatisfied: the villa is not original, are almost nothing, what is observed are the massive masonry foundations that served as the building itself, plus some service environment.

Although, the seduction of this place did not pass unnoticed to the visitors of a time, who knew how to appreciate the ancient rose-colored stone with the environment that surrounds this place unique.
Able to combine the signs of old times with the charm of nature makes the visit to this site a moment of unforgettable pleasure.

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Sirmione is… Holiday on the border between the green and the blue, immersed in memories of Catullus.

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